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The Ultimate Live Escape Game in Hamburg!

You and your Team, 60 minutes and one common goal. Solve puzzles/riddles, work together as a team and dive into an exciting story! Can you reach your goal before time runs out? What is the story behind it? How can you accomplish your task? And most of all, can you do it all within 60 minutes? It’s up to you to solve the mysterious puzzles! Find and combine complex clues to piece the puzzle together and make sense of it all. Everything is not what it seems and time is ticking! Are you clever enough to solve the riddles? Work together as a team to navigate your way through the fascinating scenery. Without teamwork and creativity, you remain trapped forever… This is more than just a game! You won’t find yourself in just any ordinary room but rather in a completely different and exciting world!

Can you make it out?

Do you have what it takes?

About the Game

A Live Room Escape is a completely new type of free-time activity for friends, family, couples and tourists as well as a team-building activity for companies. In short, teams of 2-8 people (depending on the game) are led inside of a room and must work together to solve an exciting mystery in order to make it out within a 60min time frame.

This is no ordinary room! Big Break Hamburg simulates a realistic setting and offers the opportunity for players to become the hero. You are no longer just a spectator but actually are the protagonist in an exciting story, while learning a few true facts behind it all. Big Break Hamburg offers an authentic setting with challenging puzzles and riddles that require good teamwork and cooperation to solve. Dive into a different world and find all of the hidden clues to find the ultimate solution. Are you and your team clever enough to make it out on time? 3… 2… 1… The clock is ticking! Your experience at Big Break Hamburg is not limited to 60min of playing time. We welcome you to join us in our reception area both before and after the game. Here you will have the chance to solve smaller puzzles and riddles while enjoying a refreshing beverage.

Anyone! The Big Break Hamburg experience is for anyone who is adventurous and loves a challenge or for those who simply enjoy working in a team. We do ask, however, that children under 14 be accompanied by an adult. Small Groups of 2-8 people please book here. Larger Groups that wish to compete against each other can play two or more different games at the same time. Contact us for more information or book directly here. Particularly for special occasions, Big Break Hamburg is the perfect alternative to traditional free-time activities. We offer everything from birthday parties, anniversaries and bachelor parties to teambuilding events for companies, universities and schools.

For your convenience, we are open seven days a week and can be booked directly online. To see available time slots, please click here. Opening Hours:

Monday-Friday: 13 am – 10 pm
Saturday: 10 am – 11 pm
Sunday: 10 am – 10 pm
Weekends: 11 am – 10 pm

Big Break Hamburg is centrally located in downtown Hamburg (Brandstwiete 1, 20457 Hamburg) and is only a 5min walk away from the Town Hall (Rathaus). For more details click here.

What we’re not about: What we are about:
Watching a hero at the movies Becoming the hero in real life
Tossing a bowling ball down an ally for the millionth time Diving into an exciting new world and working together to make it out on time
Driving a go-cart in a circle Using intelligence and skill to achieve a common goal as a team
Sending your co-workers from the X, Y and Z department to a team-building Transforming your co-workers into a success-driven powerhouse through cooperation and teamwork
Sitting in front of a mobile phone, computer or TV and let the minutes tick by Escaping from the digital world and have fun as a team in an interactive world

You choose!

Nothing can stand in your way?

Get ready for an adventure!

What People are Saying:

Real Life Escape Game Hamburg

We are excited to about all the positive comments we’ve received so far from those planning a visit to Big Break Hamburg in their free time. It is important to us to offer the best experience possible to you and your team. That’s why we always welcome new reviews of our game, as this helps us optimize our concept and keeps us on the right track. Please feel free to use the following portals to give a review of Big Break Hamburg or contact us directly.

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The ultimate Live Escape Game

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