Why Hamburg Deserves a New Room Escape Game

Why Hamburg Deserves a New Room Escape Game

„Ohh Hamburg meine Perle, du wunderschöne Stadt, du bist mein zu Haus du bist mein Leben, bist die Stadt auf die ich kann“ – Lotto King Karl

If you’ve been in Hamburg for any significant amount of time, then you’ve probably heard these words sung before, and most likely it was through the speakers of the HSV Imtech Arena. In good times and bad, when this song is sung by 57,000 people, you are sure to get goosebumps. Soccer is just one of the many things that make Hamburg one of the most prominent cities in Europe today.

The town hall, the warehouse district, and much more excites an unprecidented amount of tourists annually. Sold out hotels and crowded streets are commonplace. Although we are new in Hamburg, we immediately fell in love with our new home and are convinced that such an amazing city deserves an equally as amazing Room Escape Game.

Throughout Germany, Room Escape Games have become more and more common but the current market is lacking that necessary spark. Small, simple rooms and boring riddles with no relation to the city seem to be the trend of today. It’s time for a change! We love games and offer you the best Room Escape Game on the market. This city has something to offer in every area but the Real-Life Room Escape niche has not quite reached the level of quality the city is due. The so called „Gate to the World“ deserves an experience that will both excite and impress. That’s why we are offering something new and totally different on a whole new level.

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