The Digital World

The Digital World

„I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.“ – Albert Einstein

What is the most important thing in life? Is it love, family, friendship or perhaps something totally different? There are of course several opinions and I, myself, am unsure. Is there really one thing more important than anything else?

You know the answer probably as much as you know the answer to the meaning of life.

But one thing is for sure – the most important things in life don’t focus on just one person but are rather about the interactions and the connections we make with other people. Without this, a happy or forfilling life simply wouldn’t be possible.

Now we have to ask: Are the interations and connections we make with other people made stronger through today’s technology or are we getting lost in a digital world through media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

I love following developments in technology and I use my iphone, laptop, the internet and social media to keep in touch with my friends and family on a daily basis. It’s easy to use and it makes communication within my social circle particualrly quick and convenient. Especially when there is distance involved, staying in touch and making new contacts is something I do not want to give up.

Thanks to the digital world, I am able to discuss play-by-play details of the World Cup with my Mexican friend in real-time. We have the opportunity to watch together despite being oceans apart. You often hear the phrase, „I can’t live without the internet,“ and although this is an exaggeration, it holds a bit of truth as well. Everyday life wouldn’t be nearly as simple without the digital world, but is there a dark side to it?

Not too long ago, I was sitting on the bus one afternoon on my way home, when a crowd of high schoolers hopped on as well. The school day was over and the crowd reminded me of the school bus rides I used to take during my time at school. Boys and girls teasing eachother. Sounds of laughter, fighting, jokes. To summarize, it was always loud on the bus and everyone was always in a good mood. I therefore expected this bus right to be similar. Yeah right! The noise level stayed exactly the same, as all students were starring intently at the screens of their Smartphones and conversing through WhatsApp. As a fellow passenger, the ride was of course relaxing but somehow I found it also a bit sad, isn’t it?

Whatever you think about the digital world is your own opinion. For me, it’s a great thing but it’s also a bit of a tightrope walk. I always feel a bit naked without my cell phone and before I leave the house I’m always sure to check if my battery is charged, It’s something I wouldn’t change and wouldn’t want to change because it makes my life easier and more convenient. However, I think it’s also important to take a look around sometimes and to actually interact and converse with the people around you. That’s one of the reasons my partner and I are now self-employed and why we created Big Break Hamburg in the first place. We want to strengthen the interaction between people and create a one-hour experience where direct contact with others is the main focus. 60 minutes without influence from the digital world doesn’t sound long, but if the time is used effectively, relationships within small groups can improve and strengthen greatly. That’s what Big Break Hamburg is all about and we look forward to giving you and your friends, colleagues and family the opportunity to do the same.



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