Corporate Events

Big Break Hamburg is not just a recreational activity for friends and family. We organize smaller teambuilding events as well as larger corporate events for companies and their business partners.

We offer your staff not only the opportunity to participate in an exciting teambuilding activity, but also to enjoy our lounge area as well. Catering options are available upon request. For a free quote, please contact us directly.


Which Company Events does Big Break Hamburg offer?

Corporate Events

Ideal for Corporate Events in Hamburg

Corporate Events

We offer the opportunity to hold a unique corporate event in a new and creative setting. Companies have the chance to mix and mingle in our stylish lounge, while alternately jumping into the role of inmate and attempting to make an exciting prison break. This special event gives your staff the chance to socialize traditionally, while participating in a new and exciting interactive experience. Regardless of the occasion (Christmas Party, Summer Fest, Ice Breaker, etc.) this unforgettable event is sure to be something special. Catering options are available upon request. For further details, please see the below interview with CEO, Philip Kirchhof, or feel free to contact us directly for more information and a free quote.

Teambuilding Events

Teambuilding Events

Teambuilding Events

Teambuilding events are becoming increasingly important in today’s corporate world. Big Break Hamburg offers companies the opportunity to book a Room Escape Game as a teambuilding event for your project team or department. The event promotes teamwork as well as communication in a fun and creative setting. At a Big Break Hamburg teambuilding event, groups have the chance to work together as a team in order to promote a more efficient and effective workplace. For more information, please contact us directly.



Recruiting / Assessment-Center

Which applicant fits the company best? Who works best in a team? The answer to these questions often becomes clear only after the final candidate has been hired. We are pleased to invite your applicants to participate in our Room Escape Game, while offering you the chance to analyze the candidates’ interaction by video. For more information, please contact us directly.



Room Escape Games: A Corporate Event

Event Manager and Entrepreneur, Philip Kirchhof, speaks about holding a successful corporate event with a focus on Real-Life Room Escape Games.

Philip Kirchhof

Philip Kirchhof, CEO and Founder

What is your experience with Corporate Events?

I was privileged to have the opportunity to work as an event manager at a trade fair that had a very positive and close-knit working environment. This positive attitude and atmosphere came across quite strongly, particularly at corporate events. Because of the relaxed environment, I never had the feeling we were being forced to be at the event.

In your opinion, what does the perfect Corporate Event look like?

In my opinion, it should be something unique, exceptional and something you enjoy looking back on. To achieve this, you need something special. It is so important to show your employees how much you value them and their contribution to the company. A team dinner at a restaurant around the corner doesn’t necessarily stick in your mind.

And a Corporate Event at a Room Escape Game does stick in your mind?

Definitely. It is something new and exciting. You and your team are locked inside of a room for 60 minutes and must work together to solve a mystery and ultimately escape within the given timeframe. The experience of working in a group and discovering new things is exciting, fun and really brings the team together. On top of that, the chance to discuss the experience afterwards over delicious food and drink makes for an unforgettable corporate event.

What makes Big Break Hamburg such a special Corporate Event?

Besides experiencing an exciting and interactive adventure, the location and the distinct design of the room make Big Break Hamburg so unique. Located in the middle of downtown Hamburg and only a 5 minute walk away from the Town Hall (Rathaus), we are very easy to find and convenient to get to. Our guests not only have the chance work together as a team, but will also be able to learn something new about the history of Hamburg along the way. Combining a corporate event with a mysterious prison has never been done before. I am quite positive that your employees will be talking about this event for quite some time.