What does Real-Life Room Escape 2.0 mean?

2.0 Room Escape

Escape Game 2.0 – the best Hamburg has to offer

It’s time for a Real-Life Room Escape makeover and Big Break Hamburg has accepted the challenge. Up until now, Room Escapes have made it a priority to offer multiple games at a single location. The number of bookable rooms has steadily increased while the actual size of the rooms themselves have continued to shrink. Big Break Hamburg focuses on the quality of the game rather than the quantity.

Real-Life Room Escape 2.0 means the next generation on the Room Escape scene for multiple reasons:

1. Realistic Setting:

Discover the „Hamburg Trakt Prison“ – the first private prison in Germany!

Big Break Hamburg has succeeded in creating a realistic and unique alternate reality in our very own “Hamburg Trakt Prison.” It’s all about the details from our prison-style lounge to the fascinating features of our playing area. In the middle of Germany’s second largest city, we invite you to discover the country’s first private prison!

2. Large Playing Area:

Realistic, full of surprises and BIG!

At Big Break Hamburg you will experience one of the largest playing areas available on the Room Escape scene. You never know what awaits you around every corner that might help you execute your prison break.

3. Extended Experience:

More than just an hour of fun!

The adventure begins not when the game does, but rather as soon as you set foot in the door. At Big Break Hamburg, you have the opportunity to relax in our prison-style lounge both before and after the game. Here you will have the chance to learn more about the history of Hamburg prisons, solve smaller puzzles and riddles, and enjoy a refreshing beverage.

4. Hamburg History:

Discover the stories they don’t tell you!

At Big Break Hamburg, you will not only work as a team to solve a thrilling mystery and achieve a common goal, you will also have the chance to discover the exciting history of Hamburg at the same time. With stories of infamous Hamburg criminals and actual prison breaks, we will show you the city in a somewhat different light.

5. Special Events:

More than just a free-time activity!

Regardless of the occasion, Big Break Hamburg is the perfect location for your special event. From birthdays, anniversaries and bachelor parties to team-building events for companies, universities and schools, Big Break Hamburg has expanded its repetoire to meet your needs.

With a spacious lounge and catering options available upon request, Big Break Hamburg combines traditional party aspects with an exciting, interactive adventure. No matter what the occasion, your event at Big Break Hamburg will be an unforgettable experience and an all-around great time! For more information and a free quote, please contact us directly.